Sales Manager - Cape Town - SM - CTN
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Campus/Business Unit:

Cape Town

Direct Reporting Line:


Job Purpose:

Rosebank College is looking for a Sales Manager to drive student recruitment and enrolment for the college campuses through client/stakeholder relations and consultation with communities.

Key Performance Area:

Campus Sales Management:

  • Monitors sales leads and responds to enquiries.
  • Implements sales plans and sales campaigns to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Builds strategic relationships with key contacts within schools to understand opportunities for creating value.
  • Researches marketing and competitor developments to maintain standards and look for innovation opportunities.
  • Collaboratively projects targets for new financial year in line with stipulated timelines through thorough analysis of market trends.
  • Engages in planning with sales team and intervenes where necessary.
  • Translates the sales targets into individual targets.
  • Monitors performance to ensure achievement thereof on an on-going basis.
  • Monitors and ensures the effective running of the student enrolment portfolio.
  • Monitors and tracks the profitability of programmes.
  • Ensures optimal service delivery.
  • Ensures that Institute of Independent Education (IIE) admission policy is implemented and actioned on campus/es.
  • Conducts staff meetings regularly to debrief sales team, discuss operational performance and business issues.
  • Effectively manages the database of prospective

Stakeholder Relationship Management:

  • Strategically manages relations with all stakeholders.
  • Manages relationships in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Ensures and enables clear and open communication between the stakeholders and the brand.
  • Conducts regular meetings with stakeholders.
  • Ensures compliance to the corporate identity at all times.

Sales Reporting:

  • Create and analyse reports according to Brand requirements.
  • (delivery standard, not KPA)
  • Submits the reports to the relevant stakeholdrs.

Human Capital Management:

  • Attract, Employ and Retain an effect sales team to meet the operational requirements
  • Manage skill requirements through evaluations, training, coaching and mentoring of all staff and/or contractors
  • Manage performance of team and take necessary action if and when require
  • Ensure commission statements are processed, approved and submitted to Payroll Department within Payroll Timelines
  • Ensures that the sales team is calling clients in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Implements incentives and initiatives in the team to keep them motivated and driven.
  • Ensures that their relationships with their clients are strong / improved upon.
  • Intervenes where problems with specific clients exist or lost opportunities arise.
  • Provides support / guidance to the team and deals with general problems on an on-going basis and provides advice / support / information.
  • Conducts staff performance reviews.


A Minimum of a Bachelors/ Honours/ Master€™s Degree.

Work Experience:

Minimum 3-5 years€™ experience in the teaching and learning field, specifically lecturing in the tertiary environment.e

Working Conditions:

Positions available from July 2019.