Research Analyst - National Office - RA - NAT
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Campus/Business Unit:


Direct Reporting Line:

Marketing Manager

Job Purpose:

Study market conditions and primarily identify potential products for the brand, help determine the brand€™s position in the marketplace by researching competitors and keep their ear to the ground with regards to our target audience. This could include (but not limited to) collecting and analysing data on competitors, education sector, consumers, youth and providing insightful reports and presentations to help support the brand€™ decision making processes.

Key Performance Area:

Focus Groups

  • Conduct annual focus groups with our student body across our various campuses to find out if our marketing campaigns are effective.
  • Conduct annual focus groups with student body using various methods i.e. Surveys, interviews etc.
  • Managing focus groups, carrying out interviews and conducting surveys
  • Collating information and interpreting data for clients

New product launches

  • Conduct annual research to find out which products can be offered at IIE Rosebank College in line with our student€™s needs and in line with trends for preparing future ready international graduates.
  • Collating information and interpreting data for clients
  • Identify trends and make recommendations for improvements

Competitor Analysis

  • Gather data about competitors and market conditions to ensure that the brand has their ears to the ground.
  • Research competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and marketing methods
  • Present findings to clients/the business/management in an easy-to-understand way

Reporting and Analysis

  • Prepare reports and present results to clients and management.
  • Share insights and results in an easily digestible manner in both written and presentation format

Youth Research

  • Constantly research information on South African youth trends, youth culture and aspirations. It is important for them to understand youth needs and offer insight, for us to offer and develop qualifications that are in demand and will product future ready graduates.
  • Collating information and interpreting data for clients


  • Bachelor€™s Degree in Marketing focusing on research

Work Experience:

  • 3-5 years Research in marketing
  • Background in Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Research or other related discipline