Programme Coordinator - Part Time Studies - PCPT - BRM
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Number of Openings

Campus/Business Unit:


Direct Reporting Line:

Programme Manager

Job Purpose:

To be responsible and accountable for all communication between the site, students and lecturers for a specific programme Lecturing approximately 15hrs a week, creating a culture where students value diversity and have high ethical values.

Key Performance Area:

Support for all Independent Contractors for designated programmes

  • Prepare for all lectures and mark appropriately
  • Drive a culture of research amongst lecturing pool Recruit lecturers and manage accordingly
  • Co-ordinate subject specific tutorials
  • Develop teaching capacity and standards on Campus
  • Track lecturers performance
  • Ensure lecturers integrate appropriate student support services into classroom based on the learner needs
  • Mentor all IC (within a programme) in relevant teaching methodologies


Support for students

  • Consult with students on all registration queries
  • Conduct class visits
  • Consult with students on all academic queries, including subject specific tutorials
  • Analyse and track student performance; and implement appropriate interventions
  • Integrate library resources in the classroom 
  • Integrate student support services into classroom


Programme Development

  • Provide academic module feedback and collate per faculty
  • Interrogate all assessment feedback 
  • Monitor all new programme rollout


  • Bachelors Degree in Business Management and/ or
  • Bachelors Degree (Hons) based on discipline with PGDHE or equivalent

Work Experience:

  • 2 - 5 years Higher Education teaching experience
  • 5 years Industry Experience

Working Conditions:

Working Hours

11:00 €“ 19:00 Tuesday €“ Thursday

08:00 €“ 17:00 Friday

08:00 €“ 16:00 Saturday